Water Saving

Water Saving
  • What are the available solutions for reducing water and energy consumption?

    Water is the most valuable resource on Earth. It is therefore crucial for us to learn how to manage our water requirements responsibly. Ideas to reduce your household water usage include:

    • Many Ideal Standard cisterns are equipped with a dual flush mechanism that allows for two different levels of flush, the full 4 or 6 litres as well as a smaller 2.6 or 4 litre flush.
    • Ideal Standard taps fitted with Click Technology mechanism reduce the water flow by 50% when the tap’s handle is in the halfway/click position. Water flow can of course be increased to the full if required. By choosing Ideal Standard taps with Click Technology mechanism, you have the ability to determine the maximum water temperature, for increased safety and further energy saving.
    • Installing a flow limiter on your basin, shower or kitchen tap will restrict the maximum flow of water to 5 or 8 l/min.
    • Ideal Standard thermostatic fittings allow you to quickly and safely customise your chosen water temperature and set a maximum safe limit of 40oC.
    • Replace your old showerhead with a new one from the Idealrain shower fitting range. These showerheads ensure a maximum flow of 8 l/min with their built-in flow limiter.
    • All Ideal Standard taps come with a flow limiter installed as standard.

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