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Washing hands under tap

Water Saving Ideas

Looking to save money on your water bills? Ideal Standards useful water saving solutions can make your bathroom efficient and eco friendlywhat you need.

Idealrain shower

Choosing a Shower

Unsure of which type of shower will be best for your home? Our useful guide will help you make that all important decision

Energy Saving Choices

Looking to save energy in your home? Ideal Standards useful tips will save you energy and money!

Small bathroom basin with Blue technology mixer tap

Save water, energy and money

When designing your bathroom, look out for taps and mixers with Blue Technology. An innovative internal design regulates the flow, meaning less water is retained in the spout

Woman showing in Idealrain shower

Think eco

Next time you reach for the bath taps, think about showering instead. Idealrain shower kits are fitted with pressure regulators, reducing their water flow

Aquablade Flush Technology

Aquablade Technology

Our latest innovative flush technology, Aquablade, combines exceptional flush performance, with contemporary styling