A sign of quality

Ceramics experts

A sign of quality

Ceramics experts

Ideal Standard is one of the largest ceramics manufacturers in Europe with over 100 years of experience. High-tech pressure casting, automated glaze spraying and environmentally efficient kilns ensures every product is made to the very highest standards.

Our ceramics manufacturing plants

  Rugeley United Kingdom

2   Teplice Czech Republic

  Tichiana Italy

4   Sevlievo Bulgaria

  10th of Ramadan Egypt

Quality control

We continually work to improve the quality of our ceramics. Our laboratory checks raw materials on arrival and our vitreous china slip is tested daily. And by making small incremental changes we now achieve over 85% first fire yield – top performing in the industry.

We follow European Union regulations
(EN 997, EN 14528, EN 14688) for testing:
• WC flushing and discharge
• Load stability
• Water absorption
• Cleanability
• Durability
• Resistance to temperature  changes, chemicals, staining  agents, scratching & absorption.

Product ceramics features


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