08. Mar 2019
Product News

Sphero collection unveiled

Armitage Shanks, the UK’s expert washroom and bathroom solution manufacturer has unveiled its new, pioneering collection of urinals, Sphero.

Armitage Shanks has designed Sphero with sophisticated features to meet the current and future needs of facilities managers, installers and end-users. The range comprises three differently sized urinals suitable for high-traffic environments: Mini, Midi and Maxi.

The Maxi model features an innovative smart E-Hybrid solution, offering people responsible for washrooms in commercial buildings enhanced levels of hygiene, easier and faster installation and more efficient maintenance. It is also more environmentally friendly.

Nathan Sanicharane, Sector Marketing Manager, Armitage Shanks, commented: “Armitage Shanks works closely with customers to positively impact the future of modern living. Because of this, we know that improving occupant health and wellbeing is being recognised more and more as a priority in the commercial environment. At the same time, our customers are also looking to cut utility bills with their washroom solutions and boost their levels of sustainability.

“We believe in designing for the people, but also innovating for the planet. This was the thinking behind our Sphero offering, which brings hygiene, user comfort and easy maintenance together thanks to intelligent designs and smart technology. Design and performance often seem incompatible, but this new collection features stylish aesthetics allowing for greater levels of cleanliness, and water saving capabilities. Water is our most precious resource and our next generation of products will help address the growing global challenge of climate change.”

Functional perfection

The Mini and Midi urinals have both been designed to boost sustainability as customers look to reduce water and utility costs. The products offer a high-performance key valve (HPKV) which provides safe, long lasting, low odour performance, either waterless or in hybrid mode at reduced flush volume.

To further reduce costs, both the spreader and the waste can be maintained from the front. The spreader nozzle is easily accessible by removing the protective cap for cleaning or replacement if necessary. The top fixed waste has a key that lets maintenance engineers gain quick and easy access from the top, should they need to.

Considered design

The Maxi urinal utilises an intelligent sensor with urine detection capability to optimise the flush count, water volume and usage pattern, further helping to reduce and minimise water consumption. Intelligent positioning of our E-Module sensor can detect waste blockages. The Maxi spreader has integrated LED warning light triggered when the sensor detects a flow issue, or when the battery or cartridge reaches the end of its life. The Maxi allows facilities managers and building owners to receive information about the urinal remotely via a mobile application that uploads data in real time, provides diagnostic status and the option to change the setting.

Enhanced comfort

“Working with academic partners, we know hygiene and well-being are very closely linked, which is why we’ve worked to ensure greater levels of user comfort with our new urinals. The circular, concave design of all products in the range was adopted due to the shape’s natural anti-splash geometry. These solutions also feature rimless bowls, eliminating hidden surfaces and the build-up of stagnant water – a key issue with traditional urinals” added Nathan Sanicharane.

Armitage Shanks’ new urinals will launch in the UK in September 2019.

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