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  • Washbasins explained

    Full pedestal

    A full pedestal is the traditional basin support that reaches right down to the floor for stable support of the washbasin, whilst concealing the unsightly pipework.

  • Washbasins explained


    A semi-pedestal also provides support to the washbasin and conceals the pipework, but it does not extend to the floor, saving on space. Instead it is designed to fix to the wall.

  • Washbasins explained

    Basin fittings

    Basin fittings are the metal hangers, brackets and bolts designed to mount the basin securely to the wall.

  • Washbasins explained

    Bottle traps

    The bottle trap is an essential element of the basin’s plumbing helping to keep the bathroom hygienic and clean. In a similar way to the old u-bend, the bottle trap prevents any vapours or odours from the drain from coming back into the bathroom.

Sink Pedestals

A pedestal hides any unsightly pipework to ensure your bathroom looks neat and inviting. Complete the washbasin with a full or semi pedestal depending on your perfect bathroom design.