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  • Shower mixers explained


    A built-in shower valve has all the mechanism and pipework concealed within the wall, with only the controls themselves exposed. With this shower valve type, you can have flexibility in where you mount it - for example, mounting it away from where the water falls means you can turn on the water to warm up, without getting wet.

  • Shower mixers explained


    The most common shower valve type is where the valve itself is exposed. If you just want to upgrade your shower and you don't want to re-tile, this is often a practical solution.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Single lever

    Single lever shower mixers have only one control for both flow and temperature to give a clean look. Usually you push/pull the control for flow and twist it to control the temparature.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Dual controls

    Dual control shower valves have two separate controls for temperature and flow, so once you have your favourite temperature selected, it's set up already for next time.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Concentric controls

    This is a special kind of dual control with an inner and outer ring or knob, where one controls the temperature and the other one controls the flow. Having dual controls, once you have your favourite temperature selected, it's set up all ready for next time.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Thermostatic controls

    This kind of shower valve maintains the same temperature thermostatically, so that even if someone turns on a tap or flushes a toilet elsewhere in the house, it doesn't suddenly run hot or cold in the shower.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Manual controls

    This is the opposite of a thermostatic mixer - they are usually more affordable but they do not compensate for changes in temperature or flow of water when someone turns on a tap elsewhere.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Shower packs

    Shower packs contain both a shower mixer and a kit, for a complete solution.

  • Shower mixers explained

    Bath shower mixer

    A bath shower mixer is a dual-purpose valve that allows you to either fill the bath through a spout or run a shower. A simple selector lever or knob allows you to switch between the two easily.

Shower Mixers & Valves

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