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  • Shower enclosures explained

    Alcove/ Niche

    Enclosures designed for alcove installation feature a door panel only as three sides of the enclosure are usually tiled within the alcove or niche. Choose which style of door suits best for your needs.

  • Shower enclosures explained

    Corner on curved tray

    Quadrant and pentagon enclosures offer great space saving as they allow you to use the corner of the room without projecting too far into the middle of the room.

  • Shower enclosures explained

    Infold / Bifold Doors

    The infold door is a great option for bathrooms with limited room for a shower. It folds inwards to save space. The bifold also opens outwards.

  • Shower enclosures explained

    Square/ Rectangular Corner

    These enclosures feature one side panel and a door as the other two sides are against the bathroom walls.

Shower Enclosures & Cubicles

With a choice of shapes, sizes and door styles there’s an Ideal Standard enclosure to fit your lifestyle. From sliding doors to pivots, quadrants to pentagons, alcoves, walk ins and wetrooms there’s something for everyone.