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  • Single lever controls

    Single mixers have only one control for both flow and temperature to give a clean look. Usually you push/pull the control for flow and twist it to control the temparature.

  • Dual controls

    Dual control mixers have two separate controls for hot and cold water.

  • Thermostatic controls

    This kind of mixer maintains the same temperature thermostatically, so that even if someone turns on a tap or flushes a toilet elsewhere in the house, it doesn't suddenly run hot or cold in the bath.

  • Exposed

    The most common mixer type is where the valve itself is exposed.

  • Built-in

    A built-in mixers has all the mechanism and pipework concealed within the wall, with only the controls themselves exposed.

Bath Taps & Mixers

Just relax in a warm bubble bath filled by your chosen bath taps! Available in a range of styles, bath taps and mixers are an inexpensive way of upgrading your bathroom. Each of our collections has a different style to ensure there is something for every home.